Pediatric ENT Practice Redesign

Mayo’s pediatric ear nose and throat clinic treated everything from ear infections and enlarged tonsils to complicated surgeries on children with breathing and speaking problems. As the practice had expanded, it had outgrown the simple infrastructure that had supported the doctors and staff.

As Dr. Dana Thompson explained, “In a 30 minute appointment slot, we are daunted with the task of going through those medical records, examining the patient, organizing a coordinated care plan, and scheduling all the other medical providers that we need to bring together to try and help manage this patient.”

Thompson and her group brought in the CFI to analyze the practice. At first, the care team members were reluctant to speak openly about their ideas for improving the practice, so the CFI met with each group--clinical assistants, nurses, and physicians--separately to solicit their input. Then they identified particular areas of frustration and inefficiency and proposed prototypes for ways in which the practice could work together to better serve their fragile young patients.





Photo of Dr. Dana Thompson

Watch Dr. Dana Thompson tell the story of the pediatric ENT practice redesign (YouTube version for slow connection).