Partnership Builds Momentum 

The idea of transferring The Coca-Cola Company’s (TCCC) core business expertise in supply chain management to the Medical Stores Department (MSD) has generated a great deal of excitement, both in terms of its novelty and tremendous potential to improve the health system of Tanzania.

Three years after those early conversations in Davos, at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting 2012, Muhtar Kent found himself once again before a diverse crowd of representatives from governments, non-profit organizations, private sector corporations and financial institutions. Through the work in Tanzania, The Coca-Cola Company had successfully demonstrated a model of private sector engagement to address global challenges. But this was not the end of the commitment; the task now facing the company involved successful replication and scale-up. Together with the Global Fund, Muhtar Kent announced expansion of the partnership to help bring medicines to additional countries.

Since the announcement, the partnership has expanded to Ghana, where the project aims to both improve cold chain reliability to support vaccine distribution and to use Coca-Cola's marketing expertise to increase demand and improve adherence to vaccine schedules. This project is being developed in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In Mozambique, the partners aim to leverage existing collaborations between Coca-Cola bottlers and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to support delivery of essential medicines.

On June 23rd, 2014, strategic partners of the project, in partnership with USAID, announced the expansion of Project Last Mile to include 10 African countries over the course of the next five years. Learning from the experiences in Tanzania, this public-private partnership will continue to transfer Coca-Cola's logistic, supply chain, distribution and marketing expertise to the public health sector to maximize the ability to get critical medicines and medical supplies the "last mile" to those who need it most in remote communities in Africa. 


Background Resources

Project Last Mile Expands to Improve Availability of Medicines. June 23, 2014. Read the press release from TCCC on the expansion of Project Last Mile. 

Coca-Cola and the Global Fund Announce Partnership to Help Bring Critical Medicines to Remote Regions, September 25, 2012. Read about the expansion of Project Last Mile. 

Additional Resources 

Project Last Mile Infographic