Accenture Development Partnerships

Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) is a group within Accenture – a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company – that operates on a not-for-profit basis to channel the core skills and assets of Accenture to organizations in the international development sector. As a “corporate social enterprise,” ADP makes Accenture’s services accessible to its development sector clients through an innovative business model that relies on contributions from Accenture (which provides consultants at marginal cost), Accenture’s employees (who accept a voluntary salary reduction of up to 50% for the time they are working on ADP assignments), and the clients themselves (who pay fees at not-for-profit rates). Since its inception in 2003, ADP has worked with over 90 client organizations – donors, foundations, emerging governments, and NGOs – to help them achieve their missions and maximize their impact in multiple program areas (e.g., health, education, agriculture, economic development, and operational functions).

As the primary implementing partner, ADP provided both subject matter expertise and full-time project management support to Project Last Mile. With its project team based at the Medical Stores Department’s (MSD) headquarters in Dar es Salaam, ADP’s team of consultants worked alongside MSD staff to establish the project’s scope and deliverables, manage day-to-day operations, and enable knowledge transfer opportunities (both between TCCC’s Tanzanian bottling partners and MSD as well as between ADP and MSD). ADP also sought to use its relationships through the commercial practice of Accenture to identify and engage additional private sector partners.

Photo caption: An ADP consultant trains an MSD staff member in
collection and analysis of “Last Mile” data.

Photo credit: ADP

 Background Resources

ADP:Browse the website of Accenture Development Partnerships.

Watch the video below to see how business and development are converging – and the role played by ADP

 Partners' Perspectives

"As I reflect, having a team on the ground is important... collaboration doesn’t just happen, it needs to be part of the program to change.” - Senior Manager from ADP

"On the left hand side you have the Coke team and on the right hand side you have the Tanzanian stakeholders who are receiving the service and in the middle you have Accenture who’s making the transfer of information possible.  I think they were a very important part of the project, actually." - Senior Private Sector Officer, Africa Unit, The Global Fund

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