Discussion Questions

  1. What is novel about the current partnership model? What is the significance in terms of the wider global health context?

  2. How was the idea of the partnership first conceived? What was each partner's role?

  3. What were some of Medical Stores Department’s (MSD) major challenges with regards to supply chain management?

  4. In what ways was The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) able to “transfer” its core business expertise? In what ways was it not?

  5. What were the motivations and goals of each partner? Did they accomplish their goals?

  6. How would you measure and evaluate success for this partnership?

  7. TCCC is looking to replicate this model in a new country. Building upon the Tanzanian experience:
    1. Imagine you are back at the start of the project and design a new strategy for success in Tanzania.
    2. Develop a strategy for replicating this partnership in other countries/contexts.
      • What aspects of the Tanzanian model would you replicate? What aspects would you change?
      • Do you think the next partnership should include other private sector partners?